Couple tips to improve your photography 1

Your friend says to quickly take a snap of them, how can you make sure they look their best? Simply use the less is more approach and your images will improve drastically.

The first tip is, Anything that doesn’t need to be shown in the image should be removed from the image for example. Say you’re about to take the photo but you realise there’s a lot going on in the surroundings that the viewer might find distracting. How can you solve this problem? Find a plain wall or something that would not distract the viewer from looking at what you want them to. Just by changing the background the image below is a huge improvement compared to the one above.

less distractive backgroundWalls are usually great because they’re everywhere and easily obtained. Try taking one image with the busy background and one with the wall and see which on you like the most.

The second tip is, pay attention to is what subject\friend is wearing. If they’re wearing a bag, have something in their hand, earphones in their ear and shades on but they really want to show off their new shirt your image will improve a lot if you remove these unnecessary items. Unfortunately, these items will take away from the message your friend is trying to convey.

Here’s an image below with the whole outfit but we only wanted to show off the shirt in this image. everything else is distracting the viewer from what we really want to show.

full outfit

full outfit

And here’s an image below with just the shirt showing, no bag, shoes are pants showing. This image conveys our message a lot clearer than the image above did.

Just showing top

Now suppose you wanted to show off the necklace, the blow image would do a lot better job of that than the other images.

showing choker/ necklace

Try these couple of tips today and watch your images instantly improve.

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