new site

 Welcome to the new and improved site.

It’s still a work in progress but damn this site made me loose sleep getting it right. let me explain!


I found the old site was getting rather boring, it didn’t invite me or anyone to visit and it just wasn’t fit for purpose. I’m using wordpress to run/manage my site so there first thing i went about doing is trying to find some nice themes. this turned out to be another task that would consume a great deal of time. All the free ones just didn’t have the flexibility that i was looking for so in the end i decided to dig in my pocket and invest in getting a pro theme that would enable me to get the site looking and functioning how i want it.

The search was narrowed down to there themes battling over my money .

  1. http://darkroom.imaginem.co/overview/ i liked the simplicity of this theme and the minimal look but to me the features were seriously lacking.
  2.  http://themes.quemalabs.com/tography/ this theme almost got my money but i decided against this one after seeing the gallaries.
  3. http://kinetika.imaginem.co/overview-demos/ the clear winner for me was this theme. Customisation options on this theme is overwhelming. If you want you could just use it out the box with a demo template and it would still be a beautiful site. You should know me by now , using the standard theme isn’t the way i do things.

After reading guides and watching a couple youtube videos just getting to gribs with this theme i started with my customisation. the first thing i wanted looking spectacular was the homescreen as first impressions count. i wanted to make sure that my images were full screen and as visible as possible. the normal fullscreen template wasn’t doing it for me so i created my own front page using the slider revolution pluggin which has tonnes of features to customise  any website.

This took forever!

Had to get my head around the tool which once you get use to isn’t too bad.  It gave me the control to put what i want where i wanted so in that respect hats off to slider revolution.

Now comes the hard part, filling this site up with useful content for you guys, if there’s anything you guys need help with regarding setting up a site just ask in the comments below.


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