Here’s how you achieve great things

This image nearly didn’t happen, let me tell you what happened!
5:25 pm and i got 5 more mins until i finish work, @islandgiraffe¬†and i had scheduled a photoshoot at 6:30pm. That’s usually enough time for me to get home change, grab my gear and head out the door. As soon as i was about to leave the office i received a phone call that highlighted a major issue and couldn’t be ignored because it was business critical. A quick message was sent to Kiara letting her know that the shoot might not be a possibility. We agreed that if i wasn’t out the office by 7pm then we’ll have to cancel.

During the troubleshooting process I uncovered a bigger problem and the shit just kept getting worse to fix. It took me a good hour and some but at 6:45pm i was out the door.
Got home, got my gear and got out the house in record breaking time. ( good thing that i had packed my gear the previous night. )
Picked up Kiara and we were on our way to the location when we both spotted grey clouds forming on the horizon. We just looked at each other, both scared to mention the R word “rain”. ( Any of you guys ever do that superstitious thing when you don’t mention the rain so it shouldn’t fall?)

Then out of nowhere this learner driver pulls in front of me and just takes their sweet time. Here we are, stuck behind a learner, loosing light and way behind schedule i wondered what else could go wrong.

We were loosing light at a tremendous pace, I decided to put the pedal to the metal. Kiara firmly gripped the door handle like it owed her money and she was here to collect as i tackled each corner with the precision of a surgeon carving away at the bends.( i knew the road well) Doing 100 mph down the dual carriage way, we arrive at the destination in record breaking time.
Jumped out the car, grabbed the gear and headed for the spot.

Got there and began to setup when i began to feel drizzles of rain on my face.
We got a few shots in before the heavens opened up and we had to seek shelter.
Everytime we thought it had stop raining a few seconds later the rain came down heavy again.
Feeling pretty deflated i thought to myself, i’m not leaving here without something spectacular. All the shit I’ve been through over the pass 3 hours i’m not giving up now.
A Few moments later the rain stop and it was on. Lighting setup again, and a few more test shots and we were rolling. A few moments later and i had captured this shot. We shot at a few more spots that night and i’m pleased to say all the stress was worth it.

The reason i’m typing up this story is to inspire you to never give up. sometimes obstacles in your way help you later down the road.
If all those events didn’t happen previous we wouldn’t have captured this gorgeous image.
Don’t give up guys, keep it moving. You’ll get there.

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