Cirila Zorenc

Project Description

Hidden Natural Beauty

Just a typical Friday morning until I reach the bathroom and found loads of water all over the floor. The bathroom sink sprung a leak, just great!
Floor mopped up and plumber on the way. I’ll do my makeup while i wait so when we’re finished with the sink i can just be out the house and jump on the train. Going for my makeup kit and a realisation hit me like a wrecking ball and i was that old wall that need to come down. All my makeup was stored under the bathroom sink. Every bit of makeup was soaked and ruined. How am i going to leave the house without my trusty makeup?
Plumber came And fixed the sink, time to leave the house and I’m so nervous. I’ve never left the house without my makeup before. I’m already running late for work so stopping by the shops for an emergency makeup kit is out of the question. What am i going to do? I’m running out of time.
Ten minutes later and I’m out the door and on my way to the train station. I’m feeling so self conscious right about now, everyone that looks at me i think they can notice how ugly i am without my sidekick “makeup”.
Made it onto the platform as the train arrives, doors open and i hop in. Just then everyone in that car looks at me at the same damn time, it was like something out of a horror film. At this point in time i wish i had invisible girl’s super power so i can disappear from those hunting eyes that everyone in that train car seem to posses.
Fifteen minutes later and I’ve arrived at my stop and I’ve never moved so fast in my life to get off that train. Little did i know my day was about to get a lot more horrific. Everywhere i went eyes were following me, I’ve never had this much attention in my life.
On my brief ten minute walk to the office from the train station I’ve been stopped by 2 guys asking for my number and saying how pretty i was. This got me so mad, how can they make fun of me when I’m in such a vulnerable state?
Got to work and my reception was the same as on the train, eyes in every direction were locked onto me as i made my way to my desk. What the hell was going on?
I’m surprise I’ve finished work without hurting someone. I’ve never had so many guys in the office flirting with me. It’s like all the males in my radius had a text to play this sick prank on me.
Where’s this guy going? I hope he’s not coming to sit next to me on this train. Oh no he is, should i put my bag there and pretend that it’s reserved for a friend? Too late he sat down, I’m just going to look the other side and hopefully he won’t try to talk to me. Great day to forget my earphones, i would have just popped them in and that would be an instant convo deterrent.
“Hi my name is Sam, how are you?” Oh shit, he just spoke to me! Which excuse and fake name will get me out of this jam? “Hi Sam, I’ve had a pretty rough day and i just don’t feel like talking to anyone.” To which Sam replies, ” that’s fine, i guess a woman like you probably get guys throwing themselves at you constantly. You’re so pretty and it’s very rare to see a women in your age group without makeup. A real natural beauty, i mean if you were mine i wouldn’t be able to stop looking at you.” ¬†What do i say? I’m totally lost for words.”Thank you Sam, your the first guy that has ever said that to me and come to think of it you’re kinda cute also.”
We talked for the rest of the train ride and i probed him with some more question just to see if he was bullshitting me about being pretty. It turns out men dig natural, makeup just make men think your insecure about your looks and they love a woman who’s natural and comfortable in their own skin. No I’m here looking in Sam’s bathroom looking in the mirror with only my shirt on thinking, i wish I’d gone natural a lot sooner.
I was wearing makeup since the age of 14 to gain confidence, hide my imperfections and generate attention but today proves that makeup was actually doing the opposite. The day i leave the house without makeup I’ve achieve all that and more if you know what i mean.